100% pure silk 


boiled off  ready to print, dye or hand paint (unless otherwise stated)
Minimum order : one piece (40 to 80 meters depending on item)
Delivery : 24/48 H in France, 48/72 H in Europe
Prices on request 


Gauze-Chiffon, muslin

Gauze-Chiffon-muslin Very light and fine fabric, dull, smooth and springy , made with highly twisted fine yarns, whose spacings provide transparency.

3.5 MM, 5 MM, 6 MM (15 to 26 g/m2 flat and crinkled ) in widths 90, 114 and 140 cm – also stretch


Stripe satin gauze

  stripe satin gauze Fabric alterning gauze stripe and satin stripe in the warp’s direction.

10.5 MM (46 g/m2) stripe 5 cm each in width 140 cm

Crepe georgette

crepe-georgette Light and dull fabric, fluid and springy, made with highly twisted yarns, whose spacings provide a slight transparency.

8 MM, 10 MM, 16 MM (35 to 70 g/m2) in width 140 cm – also stretch


Paj, habotai (pongee)

 paj habotai pongee Flat fabric with slightly shiny look due to the use of very little twisted yarns in warp as well as in weft. Smoothness and softness also characterized it.

5 MM, 6/7 mm, 8/9 MM, 10 MM, 15 MM (22 to 66 g/m2) in widths 90 and 140 cm


twill Fabric obtained by particular crossing of little twisted yarns that produces oblique ribs and grooves , giving a diagonal effect. It offers great smoothness without being so springy as a crepe.

10 MM , 12 MM , 14 MM, 18 MM (44 to 79 g/m2) in widths  94 , 102 and 140 cm et 140 cm

Crepe de chine

crepe-de-chine-en-soie Dull fabric, non-transparent , woven with crepe yarns, that is to say with highly twisted yarns, so that give a slightly grainy look and feel, as well as great smoothness and springiness.

12 MM, 14 MM, 16 MM (52 to 79 g/m2) in widths 90 and 140 cm – also stretch

Crepe satin

crepe-de-satin-soie The side of the fabric has a shiny look that results from a particular crossing of a the yarns, the warp yarns passing over several weft yarns with inconspicuous intersection points  . The reverse is dull with a “crepe de chine” appearance. Very smooth and springy.

12.5 MM, 16.5 MM, 19 MM (55 to 84 g/m2) – also stretch

Yarn-dyed dupion

yarn dyed dupion Fabric made of wild silk yarns giving an irregular look and whose dyed yarns keep a crisp feel and a certain rigidity which is especially suitable for the wedding dress.

90 g/m2 width 150 cm – white and ivory




Loomstate fabric (gauze base) and dyed in this state without boiling off, which gives the fabric a certain rigidity and quite dry touch suitable for wedding items.

22 g/m2 width 140 cm – white and ivory